November 19, 2017

Best Laparoscopy centre in Hyderabad



                                                                                                        Best Laparoscopy Surgical centre in Hyderabad

Laparoscopy also called Band aid surgery is a modern method of offering surgery which results in minimal scar, allows quick recovery and faster discharge from hospital. It is very well developed in Gynaecology and offers superior outcomes in the hands of expert cancer surgeons.

With two decades of surgical experience in both Conventional and Minimally invasive surgery, I believe laparoscopy can give dramatic benefits when applied scientifically! An outcome of this vast experience is in creating the Best Laparoscopy Surgical centre in Hyderabad.

NO PAIN - NO SCAR - Laparoscopic Surgery !


Laparoscopy is a modern technique of surgery where high definition telescopes, fiberoptic lights and thin long precise instruments are used. These laparoscopy instruments are introduced into body cavities through tubes called ‘ports’ and the insides are observed on medical monitors. The aims and goals of surgery and treatment remain same. It is only a change in technique. We are proud to run the Best Laparoscopic Surgical Centre in Hyderabad.

Best Laparoscopy Surgical centre in Hyderabad
Best Laparoscopy Surgical centre in Hyderabad
No Scar

Access into body cavities needed long scars to allow the hands of the surgeon and also allow him to see the insides. Laparoscopy by using modern technology allows the surgeon to see the insides through narrow telescopes in high definition and in great magnification too. Also the highly precise hand instruments  are very thin and effectively replace the surgeon hands. Hence the size of the scar is reduced to a centi meter. The laparoscopic surgeon strategically places the scars to make them almost invisible. Best Laparoscopic Surgical Centre in Hyderabad.

No Pain

Pain in surgery is just not because of the incision (cut). It is also influenced by the size of the cut, the forceful retraction of muscles, and tying of the pedicles. All these are avoided in laparoscopy. Also in laparoscopic surgery, the bowels are not touched by human hands and hence they start moving earlier  making it (laparoscopy) preferred. Best Laparoscopic Surgical Centre in Hyderabad.

Best Laparoscopy Surgical centre in Hyderabad

Quick Recovery

Recovery after abdominal surgery is delayed because of pain, delayed bowel movements  and  time taken in healing of long incisions. In laparoscopic surgery, the pain of scars is less as they are very small. In addition bowels move earlier as they are not touched by human hands. So discomfort of gas, distension and  lack of appetite are relieved earlier. Patients feel hungry within few hours of surgery. Since scars are small, patients can get up from bed early allowing quick discharge.

Painless Surgery Ever!

                                                           Best Laparoscopy Surgical centre in Hyderabad

Laparoscopy surgery is the most appropriate method for many gynaecological surgeries. We have the most experience in laparosocpic surgery for fibroids, complex endometriosis and hysterectomy!

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