July 12, 2018

Best PCOD Doctor in Hyderabad


Babitha Maturi

PCOS is a problem that needs a comprehensive overview of the disease and an ability and willingness to co ordinate with other specialists.

Dr Babitha maturi is the lead gynaecologist at Parijatham Women Wellness Clinics. With 2 decades of clinical expertise, she understands and believes in facilitating nature in the management of PCOD. 

She  co ordinates with the PCOD Team @ Parijatham with an Endocrinologist to manage the hormones while the surgeon helps offer surgical options at the appropriate time.

PCOS is a syndrome of three main symptoms -Cysts in ovaries| High male Hormones|Irregular Periods



Best PCOD Doctor in Hyderabad

He does opens the Door through Genuine Doctors like Dr. Babitha Maturi who believes in "IN GOD WE TRUST AND THROUGH SCIENCE WE CURE"................... She is the Best PCOD Doctor in Hyderabad.
Hananya Rinci

I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and blocked Fallopian tubes. I went to PARIJATHAM CLINIC during the end of summer 2017 have undergone three months treatment and have delivered a healthy Baby Boy in the year 2018 June. Before visiting PARIJATHAM CLINIC, in the past 9 years I’ve visited numerous well known infertility clinics and multi specialty Hospitals and had met famous and well known gynecologists. However, most of them rather everyone had capitalized on my barren life, by giving me a runaround especially by providing useless information or directions thereby delaying/failing to provide the effective treatment. As the Proverb goes “An Old Patient Is Better Than A New Doctor” Whenever I visit a new Clinic or meet a New Doctor instantaneously I could predict their treatment procedure and what kind of repeated tests they would advice, what kind of medicines would be prescribed so on so forth. However, for the first time I have realized that I was wrong when I visited PARIJATHAM CLINIC and met DR. BABITHA MATHURI. To my surprise I was not asked to get new tests done, very few basic medicines were prescribed and most of all DR. BABITHA MATHURI had given me a lot of courage and encouraged us to be positive and to hold on to our dream which we had actually given up otherwise. After 3 to 4 months of basic treatment I have conceived naturally, I could not believe my eyes seeing those amazingly marvelous two red line on the pregnancy test strip. For me this was so exciting especially after so many disappointments, pseudo pregnancy feelings, countless negative pregnancy test results. Immediately I have rushed to PARIJATHAM CLINIC and shared my excitement with DR. BABITHA MATHURI and she was equally happy as I was and to reconfirm a test was done which gave positive results as well. All of a sudden I started having millions of doubts, questions and UNBEARABLE EXCITEMENT DURING THE FIRST TRIMESTER and During the second Trimester I had some unknown fear and the final TRIMESTER inexplicable curiosity and impatience. During all the stages of my Pregnancy and my mood swings DR. BABITHA MATHURI was very patient as a mother, polite as a sister, empathetic as a friend, sometimes jovial and at times stern as a doctor. Always held my hand giving me that motherly comfort and support. right from first visit till the labor room I have not experienced any change in DR. BABITHA MATHURI in terms of approachability, overcharging or spending less time at the peak hours remained the same all through. Gave us enough options to choose from any hospital of our choice but we chose Apollo Cradle Jubilee Hills over other Hospitals like Rainbow etc. Appollo Cradle prices were little high tough. Finally my advice, suggestion and a strong recommendation is do not give up on hope and keep knocking God’s Door, God may not open the door directly but many times He does opens the Door through Genuine Doctors like DR. BABITHA MATHURI. who believes in “IN GOD WE TRUST AND THROUGH SCIENCE WE CURE” all the best and God bless all those mothers who are going through hard time like I was once and a Happy bump to all those expectant mothers. I cant thank enough DR. BABITHA MATHURI Madam. This I am writing from the bottom of my heart so that other may believe through my experience, because I have lived that life and I know how painful it is. All who are reading Please bless my son, in the below picture DR. BABITHA MATHURI is with my son, he has just completed 8 months. May god Bless Dr Babitha – She is the Best PCOD Doctor in Hyderabad.

Women with PCOS because of failure in ovulation have difficulty in getting pregnant. Also premature delivery, miscarriages and diabetes in pregnancy are common!

Complications of PCOS

Diabetes: Most women with PCOD suffer from glucose intolerance. Diabetes or pre diabetes.

Hypertension: These women are at a greater risk of High blood pressure and thus Heart Attack and Stroke

High Cholestrol: High levels of Bad(HDL) cholestrol and low levels of Good(LDL) is seen increasing risk for heart disease and stroke.

Depression & Anxiety: These two diseases are commonly seen in Poly cystic Ovaries.

Endometrial Cancer: Obesity, Insulin resistance and Diabetes seen in PCOD increase risk of Endometrial Cancer.

Fertility treatments help improve ovulation. Lowering weight and blood sugars help in a safe pregnancy!


When to See your Doctor?

When you have missed your periods and not pregnant!

You have symptoms like facial hair or on body!

Been trying for pregnancy for more than 12 month

Symptoms of Diabetes- Thirst, hunger, weight loss!

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