March 18, 2019

Recovery – Cesarian Section

Cesarian Seciton

What to Expect

Cesarian Delivery is done under spinal anesthesia – meaning you are awake during surgery. But you will not feel any pain but you will feel doctors pulling and pushing your body. You will be able to hear the sounds of the operation theatre and of course the cry of your baby. Once the procedure is done, You will be given food by next day and allowed to go home in  two to three days.

Dressing will be done before discharge. Mostly the sutures are concealed and absorbable type. So there will not be any suture removal. 

You can meet your doctor at her clinic where she will inspect the wound and confirm that it is healthy. For the next few weeks eat small but many times for easy digestion. Eat nutrtious food as your baby health is also dependant on you.

Breast feeding not only helps baby but ensures good bonding with your baby. Happy Parenting!  

Cesarean Section is pretty safe, when used juduciosly . Experience and deep insights into the physiology of birthing process helps prevent mishaps.

Post Operative Recoery

You can have soft diet from the day after surgery. Dressing is done at the time of discharge and usually absorbable sutures are applied.

Patient can do routine work that does not involve lifting weights. Full strength takes time but simple non strenous stretching exercises can be started after few weeks.

Abdominal Binder

Using binder as shown can help support the wound, prevent sudden bending and most importantly give rest to the muscles while healing.

Advised usage for a few weeks after surgery and encouraged to use during wake hours.

Abdominal Muscle Tone

Cesarian Section surgery involves cutting through abdominal muscles and hence need to be strengthened.

Pregnancy also causes weakening of core muscles and these exercises restore core strength.

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