March 25, 2019

Gallery Colon

About The Colon Surgery

Colon Surgery is again best done by laparoscopy when every feasible. Conventional Colon surgery involves very long incisions, pain and prolonged hospital stay. Laparoscopy cuts short duration of stay, pain and allows early feeding and discharge!

The Gallery

The following images are of colon surgery in different locations and fordifferent reasons, that have been successfully operated by the experts at Parijatham Clinics. 

Rt Colon

Rt Colon

Transverse Colon

Sigmoid Colon

Stapler Suturing

APR -Rectum


The Laparoscopy

A massive fibroid involving entire uterus operated through laparoscopic method!

Colonic surgery involves removal long segments of large intestine. Often done for cancer, but also done for several non cancerous conditions. Many a time certain colonic surgeries need a protective diversion colostomy!

Colonic Surgery when done by experts leads to least complications.
Ramesh Maturi
Senior Laparoscopic Surgeon
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