March 31, 2019

Best Thyroid Specialist in Hyderabad

The Thyroid Surgery

Best Thyroid speicialist in Hyderabad

Thyroid surgery is best done in the hands of the experts. It is so because, surgery involves delicate steps to seperate thyroid from nerves. These nerves called RLN, if injured can lead to hoarseness or loss of voice!

Medical Treatment

Hyper Thyroidism
Hypo Thyroidism

These two conditions can result in enlargement of thyroid gland but are treated medically and probably at a later stage with subjected to surgery. These are special situations where the gland is causing symptoms due to size and compression.

Surgical Treatment

Thyroid Nodule ( Benign) Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid might develop small nodules ( swellings) in the gland which can be felt and seen. When the FNAC test shows it as benign ( Hemi thyroidectomy is done) and if the result is cancer the entire thyroid gland (total thyroidectomy) is removed.

The Gallery

The following images are of thyroid surgery of different sizes and for different causes, that have been successfully operated by the experts at Parijatham Clinics. With more than 2 decades of surgical expertise we are Best Thyroid Specialists in Hyderabad

Total Thyroidectomy

10 Days Post Surgery

Months later

Hemi Thyroidectomy

Left Lobe Removed

Immediate Post Op


Thyroid Surgery

Experience laced with aesthetics to get you the best scars along with best outcomes.

Experience and Expertise @ Parijatham ensures best outcomes

Bad Scars can be prevented by better planning using natural lines of tension.

Injury to Recurrent Laryngeal nerve is rare and experience ensures its safety- Avoid Hoarseness and rarely Voice loss.

Difficulty in breathing can be prevented by experience surgeons through surgical finesse, and bleeding control.

Excessive bleeding, usually in the post operative period can occur due to advanced cancer disease.

Rarely Tracheostomy needs to be done when nerves are injured or need to be removed due to cancer disease. It consists of creating a artificial opening in the neck for breathing.

Hypo parathyroidism (low calcium blood levels) can occur when the parathyroids glands get removed during surgery. This is more common in Total thyroidectomy.

Thyroid swellings are very common. Seen commonly in women and many of them are non cancerous. Thyroid adenoma, follicular neoplasm, MNG are common thyroid swellings. Rarely the lump could be cancerous!

“Every thyroid swelling, irrespective of size & cause, we can help!
Ramesh Maturi
Best Thyroid Specialist in Hyderabad

Best Thyroid Specialist in Hyderabad

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