November 13, 2017

women’s health

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Women’s Health – Parijatham Clinics is a comprehensive centre for women health care issues. We aim to meet all the outpatient needs of the women under a single roof! We offer these in a pleasant ambience ensuring privacy and comfort.
Womens Health


Delivering your Dreams! Planning a baby weathering the nine months and making your dreams a reality is our forte. We help bring the necessary gaps between your little chubby bubbly joys.

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We understand the needs of the lady very closely. It could be the monthly issues or the problems of fibroids and endometriosis. We are here to help you tide over making womanhood a pleasure! Women’s Health Redefined!

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Womens Health

Cancer Screening

Life throws at us many a challenge. One of them is cancer. Wether it is Breast cancer or cervical and Uterine cancer, we @ Parijatham know how to protect you. Women’s Health Redefined!

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To look beautiful is close to every women’s heart. And to look beautiful is simply appreciating yourself! Skin and hair care to dermatological issues that need lasers. We are ready to help you. Women’s Health Redefined!

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Womens Health


Women’s life and physiology is intertwined with hormones and their levels. A irregular monthly cycle or infertility due to PCOD or Endometriosis including menopause issues all need normalization of hormones.

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Women by nature are susceptible to urinary infections. Childbirth and menopause add to damage to vital tissues leading to continence issues. Our understanding and expertise can relieve you of discomforts.

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TO concieve is a women’s dream. To mother a child is nature’s blessing on a woman. But your inability to concieve is not your fault. Neither is it impossible. Modern medicine and diagnostics can root into the causes and help you. We @ Parijatham believe that the art of medicine is not in treating the patient but faciltating nature!

Worlds of innovation


Surgery is an art that heals. Laparoscopy is an extension of this art that helps relieve suffering of the disease without the discomfort of treatment. Laparoscopic surgery – No Pain, No Scar, and Early Recovery. Many of surgical needs of  women can be done laparoscopically.

Cancer Awareness


This is a bane of modern lifestyle and increasing life span. Being aware is a necessity. It is proved beyond doubt that cancer screening results in early detection and increased chance of survival. Cancers in the female especially cervical cancer can be prevented with a simple vaccine!


The change’, ‘the climacteric’, ‘the time of life’ – call it what you will, it is an unavoidable fact that all women go through the menopause. However, for many women this natural process is a time of anxiety and distress due to the various symptoms that can accompany it. But an understanding of the phase of life and gentle support from your gynaecologist is all needed to enjoy this phase of your life!


Breast Clinics

Complaints in the breast are very common and many women would have experienced symptoms of discomfort in their breasts at least once in their life time. A great deal of expertise is required in deciding when and when not to intervene! From the simplest to the most complex cancer surgery we can lead the way for you! 

Women's Health - Our Philosophy

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The Hidden Challenges

Understanding Health & Wellness. Achieving wellness for women needs a deep understanding of the Human Physiology. There are The Hidden Challenges in women’s health! Learn more…

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Our Holistic Approach

Team parijatham offers a slew of services in obstetrics and gynaecology. We have a Physician, Endocrionologist, Dermatologist, plastic surgeon and Nutritionist on board.

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The Cancer Challenge​

Cervical, Breast and Uterine Cancers are common in women. We offer screening as an outpatient service. Colposcopy, Hysteroscopy and Mammography are offered

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Parijatham Health APP​

A unique Mobile App that allows pregnant women reach out to the doctor and these women can monitor their health and the baby. Doctors can remote monitor their patients.

Technology when appropriately used can enhance health. Our Mobile health app along with the remote monitor can ensure continutity of care. We provide Email prescritption, Home sample collection and doorstep medicine delivery.​
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