August 27, 2022

Best PCOD Clinics of Hyderabad


PCOD – aka Poly Cystic ovarian Syndrome affects the hormones in the women leading to multiple issues like irregular menstural bleeding, acne, infertility and excess hair growth.

There is overproduction of androgens causing hormonal imbalances and ovaries develop multiple cysts due to anovulation.

Best PCOD Clinics of Hyderabad

Best PCOD Clinics of Hyderabad

Irregular Periods

PCOS can cause increased monthly bleeding or missed periods.  There could be no period too.

Best PCOD Clinics of Hyderabad


Acne  can form on face back and chest and could be difficult to treat and can persist beyond teenage.

Best PCOD Clinics of Hyderabad


Inability to concieve is a common due to lack or decreased frequency of ovulation.

Best PCOD Clinics of Hyderabad

Facial Hair

PCOS can cause abnormal facial hair apart from unnatural hair on arms and chest in 70%  PCOS women

Best PCOD Clinics of Hyderabad

Skin Darkening

Patches of dark skin could be seen in the folds of neck, armpits and groins and even under breasts.

Best PCOD Clinics of Hyderabad


Weight gain is another common issue in 80% PCOS women and have trouble loosing excess weight.

I spend time building a relationship with my patient, as PCOS needs lot of co operation and compliance from my patient. I strongly believe in minimal intervention and facilitate nature by bringing lifestyle changes. I make my lady patients put lot of effort in weight loss along with a diet supervision by our nutritionist.
Dr Babitha Maturi
Lead Gynaecologist

If you want to become pregnant


Induce Ovulation

Successful pregnancy starts with ovulation which is affected in PCOS. Drugs are used to induce ovulation.


In order to stimulate ovulation, ovarian drilling is done to remove tissues that produce androgens.


When all medical & surgical treatment fails, the ovum is fertilized with partners sperm in the lab and implanted in the uterus of the lady 

If you are not planning PRegnancy



Hormonal birth pills, shots, and IUD , help regulate your menstural cycle, control acne and hair overgrowth.


Oral Medications are used to sensitise body to Insulin, and it is observed to improve PCOS symptomalogy.

Block Androgens

Another set of medications are used to block androgens which are overproduced and thus control symptoms

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