January 6, 2018

Best Fibroid treatment centre in Hyderabad

Fibroid Surgery Services

We are Hyderabad’s Best fibroid surgery Treatment Centre (Myomectomy Centre). Our doctors have more than 2 decades of experience and  offer complete care for fibroids including fibroid surgery. We suggest Medical management using agents to suppress the influence of hormones on uterus  and if needed we can offer  conservative myomectomy ( Removal of the fibroid while saving the uterus) Our centre can facilitate radical surgeries like hysterectomy for management of chronic fibroids.

Hysterectomy is our last option and We are experts in laparoscopic surgeries.   Advanced laparoscopic myomectomy surgery options for management of fibroids allows removal of the fibroid with small scars and quick recovery.

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About Us

Parijatham Clinics is a centre for complete women health care. It aims at providing all out patient services needed for a woman under a single roof! We are the best Gynaecological surgical centre. Our experts have more than 2 decades of experience in fibroid surgeries and run the Hyderabad’s Best Fibroid Treatment Centre

We have senior surgeon, gynaecologist and endocrine Specialist on our panel.

We offer best fibroid treatment centre in Hyderabad

FIBROID SERVICES @ Parijatham Clinics
Medical Management
Conservative Surgery - Myomectomy
Radical Surgery - Complete Hysterectomy
Laparoscopy - Key Hole Technique
Non Surgical Selective Embolization


Fibroids are Growths in the uterus that can develop during a woman’s childbearing years.The cause of fibroids isn’t well understood. Risk factors include a family history of fibroids, obesity or early onset of puberty.
Symptoms include heavy menstrual bleeding, prolonged periods and pelvic pain. In some cases, there are no symptoms.Treatments include medication and removal of the fibroid. When small fibroids can be removed laparoscopically without a major scar at Best Fibroid treatment centre in Hyderabad
Pelvic Pain
Women suffer pain during periods. Severe enough to take pain killers
Delayed treatment needs surgery - Myomectomy
Very large fibroids need complete removal of Uterus

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Best Fibroid treatment centre in Hyderabad

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