August 25, 2022

Best Anemia Doctor in Hyderbad



Anemia is a fairly common group of conditions of the blood. The most common type is iron-deficiency anemia, where you don’t have enough healthy red blood cells to carry hemoglobin throughout your body. Hemoglobin carries oxygen, which is vital for tissue health.



Anaemia in women is a common problem. Reasons could be as simple as excess monthly bleeding to serious underlying disease. 

Diagnosis and management of anaemia needs experience laced with wisdom to choose appropriate treatment to achieve best outcomes.

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Best Anemia Doctor in HYDERABAD

3 Signs of Anemia

Anemia Tests
Best Anemia Doctor in Hyderabad

Pale Eyes – Brittle nails – Pale lips

These three signs don’t prove whether you do or don’t have anemia. The only way to be sure is with bloodwork drawn by a doctor and tested in a lab. The bloodwork will show your iron levels, and your doctor can tell you if you’re anemic or not.

Best Anemia Doctor in Hyderabad

 Best Anemia Doctor in Hyderabad

Causes of Anemia

Most common reason for anemia in a lady is the monthly loss of blood!


Iron Deficiency

The most common cause of anemia is low levels of iron in the body. This type of anemia is called iron-deficiency anemia. Your body needs a certain amount of iron to make hemoglobin, the substance that moves oxygen throughout your body. 



Deficiency of Vit B12 and Folate is also a cause of anemia. These individuals lack intrisic factor that prevents absorbtion of Vit B12 causing pernicious anemia. Eating meat, eggs or taking Vit B12 as medicine can help relieving anemia.



Blood loss during monthly periods and childbirth can lead to anemia. This is especially true if you have heavy periods or frequent periods. Fibroids, DUB, Polyps are some common causes for heavy bleeding in women. These  can be diagnosed by Hysteroscopy.



Serious diseases like cancer of Cervix, uterus or intestine create raw surfaces internally and women tend to loose blood. Intestinal losses may not be obvious while women tend to ignore vaginal bleeding as they are used to monthly bleeding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Anemia Doctor in Hyderabad

“Untreated or uncontrolled anemia can cause complications.”

If you suspect you have anemia, or you do have anemia, the most important thing is to address it with a physician and not ignore it.

Most of these issues with anemia are actually very fixable and very treatable.” Complications from anemia could include severe fatigue, complications in pregnancy, rapid or irregular heartbeat, heart failure, even death.

“Shortness of breath can be a symptom of anemia.”

Fatigue, weaknessdizziness, headaches, pale skin, even shortness of breath can all be signs of iron-deficiency anemia. These are the result of not enough oxygen reaching the body’s tissues. Shortness of breath, for example, occurs because the ability to transport oxygen to the body is compromised

Can mensturation be a cause of anemia?

One of the most common causes of iron-deficiency anemia among women is menstruation. It affects up to 5% of women of childbearing age. “If they have a heavy menstrual cycle or period, it may indicate they are losing red blood cells—or iron, more specifically—which eventually leads to anemia”. However, there are many other reasons why there is anemia, so if women are anemic, they shouldn’t automatically assume it is caused by menstruation even if they have heavy periods.

“Some medications may contribute to anemia.”

Aggressive immunosuppressant medications can inhibit bone marrow and your body’s ability to make red blood cells

“Anemia may be a symptom of an underlying disease.”

Anemia could be a sign of an acute injury with [internal] blood loss,” explains Dr. Rich. “It could be a sign of a cancer that’s causing problems with your blood system, or it could be a sign of advanced kidney failure.” In other words, anemia can be very serious as it can be the end point of other diseases. Anemia may not be anything serious, but it’s important to know why your hemoglobin count is low.

Are there are different types of anemia.

Microcytic anemia is related to the red blood cells and how they are too small to carry hemoglobin throughout your body. It’s most often caused by iron-deficiency anemia. Macrocytic anemia, on the other hand, is most often caused by not having enough vitamin B12 or folate.

What tests are done for anemia?

Anemia is suspected based on clinical signs – pallor of tongue or eye mucous membrane and even the nail beds.

Confirmation of anemia is done through blood test for hemoglobin. A further test called Complete blood picture is also done to further elucidate the type of anemia.

Tests like Ultrasound of uterus ( Fibroids, thick endometrium, polyps) or Hysteroscopy could be done in women to identify causes of anemia.

What treatment is given for Anemia?

Iron formulations are usually given for Iron Deficiency anemia which can be due to excess blood loss or nutritional deficiency.  Nutritional counselling is also done in such situations.

Severe anemia causing severe breathlessness, or cardiac issues is treated occasionally by blood transfusion. Such transfusion could also be advised when surgery is being planned. 

Otherwise medical treatment is the most common form. Oral is the predominant form and for some women, injections are also advised if they are unable to tolerate oral preparations.

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